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  • Gary Johnson
    Jun 2, 2011
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      On 2011-06-02, Eric Weir wrote:

      > I just wish I could get rid of the prefix that indicates how many
      > lines there are in the fold. No doubt that is useful to some. To
      > me it is clutter. It just gets in the way. The text of the top
      > level line is sufficient to identify what's in the fold as far as
      > I'm concerned.

      I don't like all that clutter in the fold line, either, but I do
      like to see the number of lines in the fold, so I modified the
      appearance of the fold line with this in my ~/.vimrc.

      set foldtext=MyFoldText()

      " MyFoldText()
      " This is intended to be the same as the default foldtext()
      " function, but without the text of the first line of the fold.
      " See f_foldtext() in eval.c to see how the string is built.
      function! MyFoldText()
      let n = v:foldend - v:foldstart + 1
      let i = indent(v:foldstart)
      let istr = ''
      while i > 0
      let istr = istr . ' '
      let i = i - 1
      return istr . "+-" . v:folddashes . " " . n . " lines "

      You could do something similar to get the appearance you want. I
      wrote it before the repeat() function was available, so it could
      probably be rewritten with five fewer lines today. See

      :help fold-foldtext


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