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123164Re: How do define a default highlight for none-linked group?

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  • Ben Schmidt
    May 10, 2011
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      >>>> The same might happen to this message. At this stage in composition,
      >>>> Thunderbird is showing latin1 as the encoding; if it indeed goes out
      >>>> like that, this message can serve as another test case.
      >> Of course, it goes without saying that Groups broke with tradition and
      >> didn't mangle that one. Maybe only some Groups servers have the bug, or
      >> it's something more complicated that triggers it. How annoying.
      >>> Ah, so you're right: this seems to be the copy that went straight from
      >>> Yahoo to Gmail, and the one that transited through GoogleGroups never
      >>> made it into my Inbox, even though the "To: vim_use@..."
      >>> triggered my mail filters to get this message out of Inbox and into
      >>> the Vim List folder.
      >> Well, that at least explains why you didn't see the problem the first
      >> time around, even if we don't know when exactly Groups breaks....
      > I asked someone, and he says that it looks like the problem is caused by
      > yahoo.com.au. Perhaps it depends on the way you route the message?

      I won't say it's not Yahoo, but that seems unlikely to me, because it
      has happened with mail from other origins, and I can't think of anything
      that would cause Yahoo to do an encoding conversion when communicating
      with some remote servers and not others (or indeed at all). I give my
      mail to Yahoo using SMTP, so no browser issues are in play, and Yahoo
      doesn't even seem to do content filtering to append an ad (amazing!),
      but even if it did, it would be hard to explain why character set
      conversion would happen for some destinations and not others. AFAIK,
      nothing a destination mail server could report would cause an origin
      server to do a character set conversion. Transfer encoding, yes, but not
      character set. It seems more likely that some of Groups' jiggerypokery
      has a bug in it; after all, groups does a lot more than just deliver
      mail--it prepares it for web archives and so on as well, and character
      set issues definitely come into play there, so need to be dealt with.

      Not sure how we can track this down further. It only happens sometimes,
      so it may be that only some of Yahoo's or Groups' servers are affected.



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