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123068Re: Unable to enter functions keys in .vimrc or any other file

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  • Mahendra Ladhe
    May 3, 2011
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      Thanks JR. The mapping is working. On my earlier Windows XP PC with
      vim 7.2,
      the control keys like F1 would be displayed in blue color, different
      than the rest of the text.
      That's why I found it odd when vim 7.3 was entering 4-character plain-
      text sequence for keys like F1.

      On May 2, 7:18 pm, Jean-Rene David <jrda...@...> wrote:
      > * Mahendra Ladhe [2011.05.02 18:40]:
      > > When I enter the key sequence ctrl-v followed by some function key, say F1,
      > > vim enters the 4-character sequence <F1> instead of the actual control key F1.
      > Indeed it does. And have you tried to see if your mapping worked with
      > the 4-character sequence? Because that is the intended behavior and
      > works fine here.
      > --
      > JR

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