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123048RE: sorting based on numercial value

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  • John Beckett
    May 2, 2011
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      googler wrote:
      > I have a text file with a number of lines in it. Each line
      > has the same format, say something like below.
      > <string1> <string2> <number> <string3>
      > I want to sort this file based on the numerical value of the
      > <number> field. How can I do this in vim? Thanks.

      If there are no numbers in string1 and string2:
      :sort n

      The 'n' gives a numeric sort, based on the first number in each
      line. It is also possible to include a pattern. There are two
      options. First, skip everything up to and including the pattern
      (sort on what comes next; that's the default). Second (if r flag
      specified), sort on the text matching the pattern.

      If a problem, give real examples of typical data.


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