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123025file-persistent settings plugin ?

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  • Lena
    May 1 11:50 AM
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      Is this possible, such hypothetic plugin:
      "file-persistent settings":
      the plugin would save (automatically) and restore (automatically)
      settings per file-name(pathname). Namely, those settings that were
      different from default vim settings (or from global vim settings).
      By analogy with "persistent line-numbers" (.viminfo), this
      must be possible, because.viminfo does something similar.

      For example. My "set nu" is normally off.
      Let's say I do "set nu" on buffr ~/hello.c.
      Then I quit vim, then restart vim ~/hello.c.
      Then vim would starts with "set nu" turned on only on this
      buffer, because vim(plugin) recorded
      that setting "set nu" was != default on this buffer(pathname).

      Just like .viminfo is automatically saves and restores
      line# per per-pathname.


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