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123020Highlight group exists but no highlighting

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  • Samkit Jain
    May 1, 2011
      I am having syntax and highlight group put to the bottom of my
      ~/.vimrc file.

      syntax keyword UserKeywords Samkit CHECKME REVIEW CHECKME
      highlight def link UserKeywords Todo

      This works fine if I open an unnamed file like just "gvim". But if I
      open a file "gvim 1.c" then the above highlighting does'nt work. To
      get it working again I have to manually source the ~/.vimrc file.
      (tried without containedin too)

      I am suspecting that something is calling "highlight clear" but I am
      not sure of this. Additionally after opening 1.c I checked if my
      syntax group exists and it exists so it can only be the work of
      "highlight clear".

      :hi UserKeywords
      UserKeywords xxx links to Todo

      For this much highlighting I would not like to create a new
      runtimepath/after/syntax/default.vim containing above syntax+highlight
      group commands and then source it for every BufRead and FileRead.

      Also, along with any solution which you may suggest, I would really
      like to know how to debug this.

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