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121398Re: Incorrect working directory in gvim launched from Konqueror

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  • Jean Johner
    Mar 6, 2011
      John Little wrote:
      > Telling vim to do it seems to me to be supported; it's working for me
      > with:
      > /usr/local/bin/gvim -c "%%:h" -f %F
      > That sets the current directory to the path of the first file. The %
      > is doubled to escape it from the desktop mechanism.

      In KDE 3.5, to launch gvim by clicking a .f file and have the good
      working directory (without adding anything in the .vimrc), you must
      pull the Konqueror's "Settings" menu, choose "Configure Konqueror"
      then "File Associations", choose x_fortran in "text", click gvim then
      "edit" then "Application". In "Command", I typed
      $HOME/bin/gvim -c "cd %:h" %f

      (note that the % is not doubled, even %f is optional. Also note that
      you have forgotten cd in your command).

      Alternatively, you may edit the

      I keep thinking that this command should be done by default by gvim.

      Thank you John,

      Best regards,

      Jean Johner

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