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121312Re: Incorrect working directory in gvim launched from Konqueror

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Mar 2, 2011
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      Hi Jean!

      On Di, 01 Mär 2011, Jean Johner wrote:

      > I can understand your preferences but consider the following facts:
      > - launching gvim from the command line in a subdirectory always
      > results in the subdirectory to be the working directory.
      > I see no reason why double-clicking in Konqueror should behave
      > differently. In most situations, people launching gvim in a
      > subdirectory want to open other files in the same directory. By the
      > way, other people in this thread seem to suffer from the present
      > situation.
      > - The behaviour would be consistent with the Windows behaviour
      > - The behaviour would be compatible with the behaviour of almost all
      > other text editors in KDE (Emacs, XEmacs, Nedit, Kwrite, Kate). An
      > exception is Kedit which behaves like gvim.

      The behaviour is already built into vim. But currently it only works
      when dragging a file onto gvim and holding down the shift key. I don't
      know, whether vim can distinguish between being called from a file
      manager and from the commandline.

      Hm, but wait, you should be able to script something? Using the solution
      from Jürgen, that can be slightly improved to the following:

      au VimEnter * if empty($TERM) | sil cd %:h | endif

      I think, it doesn't even matter, if the filename is given as relative or
      absolute path, because even when given just the filename without a path
      or no filename at all, ':h' will expand to '.' which is save in that
      case. In any case, the check for an empty $TERM variable should prevent
      changing the directory, when called from the command line.


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