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121274Re: Incorrect working directory in gvim launched from Konqueror

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  • Jean Johner
    Mar 1 5:43 AM
      Thank you for your answers.
      In summary:
      - Using "autochdir" is better than nothing, with the complications
      described by Marco

      - Using
      au VimEnter * if expand('%') != ""' | cd %:h | endif
      (note that the double quote must be doubled)
      solves the problem (don't ask me why). Thank you J├╝rgen.

      - I see no fatality why gvim is unable to have this behaviour by
      default. Launching Nedit or emacs in the same conditions results in
      the correct working directory. I will submit the problem to vim_dev
      (did you eNG1Ne ?)

      Best regards.

      Jean Johner

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