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120645Re: Determining if Vim is running in text-console mode or X Windows

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Feb 1, 2011
      >>> but the strange thing is, if $TERM is set to xterm and not xterm-256color,
      >>> gkrellm locks up... something to do with the email part of it.
      >>> If I could just find where xterm is being set and change it to xterm-256color
      >>> without altering tty mode's TERM settings (i.e. cons25) I'd be laughing.

      Maybe just whack something in .bashrc or .profile like

      if [ "$TERM" = xterm ] ; then
      export TERM=xterm-256color


      > I think I like the $WINDOWID version best. It feels ... ??cleaner??. I don't know
      > why because, without looking it up, I don't even know what $SHLVL is. I suspect
      > it's shell level and if we're running in the first level of the shell, then it's
      > likely to be text console given that that's what I first log into. Am I right?

      Yep. If you're in bash and start another bash and then echo $SHLVL,
      it'll have increased. Maybe also if you source scripts, or start
      scripts as executables using shebangs. I can't remember the details. But
      you're basically right. It's certainly not all that reliable a thing to
      use for this purpose!


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