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120635Re: vimscript syntax problem

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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    Feb 1, 2011
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      H Xu wrote:
      > On 2011/2/1 15:50, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >> On Mon, January 31, 2011 6:20 pm, H Xu wrote:
      >>> Hello everybody,
      >>> In a vimscript file, parentheses across multi lines is highlighted as
      >>> errors, which is shown in the attachment. Is there any way to fix this?
      >>> Thanks.
      >> This was recently discussed here. See the thread starting at
      >> http://groups.google.com/group/vim_use/browse_frm/thread/b7a3187fee6932e8/c1d090858eaaea64?#c1d090858eaaea64

      As a further note: a while back I suggested an addition to the syntax
      support in vim, that it provide something like

      syntax [HLGroup] eolcontinue '\\'
      syntax [HLGroup] bolcontinue '^\s*\\'

      (eolcontinue == end-of-line continue, bolcontinue == beginning-of-line

      and then the syntax engine would presumably just glide over such
      continuation patterns, thereby avoiding a lot of effort to handle such
      things everywhere in a syntax file.

      Chip Campbell

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