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120625Re: Determining if Vim is running in text-console mode or X Windows

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  • Steve Laurie
    Feb 1, 2011
      On 02/02/11 01:51, Marvin Renich wrote:
      > * Steve Laurie<mr.steven.laurie@...> [110201 06:57]:
      >> Thanks for your help. unfortunately, none of these suggestions work.
      > Hmm. You say in your original message that you have tried
      > has("gui_running"). This works for me (and has for a long time).
      > As a test, I put
      > let my_has_gui_running = has("gui_running")
      > early in my .vimrc. If I start vim from the command line and type
      > :echo my_has_gui_running
      > I get 0. If I do the same with gvim (or vim -g) I get 1. Using
      > if has("gui_running")
      > echo "has gui_running"
      > else
      > echo "does not have gui_running"
      > endif
      > in .vimrc prints (to the terminal before setting up the vim screen) the
      > correct string for both vim and gvim.
      > I am using vim 7.2.445 from Debian squeeze.
      > ...Marvin
      Hi Marvin,

      On my system, "gui_running" only distinguishes between Vim and gvim.

      I put let my_has_gui_running = has("gui_running") early in my ~/.vimrc
      file and did :echo my_has_gui_running

      In Vim run from the black and white tty text console, I get 0;
      In Vim run insde of gnome-terminal, I also get 0;
      In gvim, I get a 1

      That's why it's not working. I'm trying to distinguish between tty text
      mode and X mode.
      Not between Vim and gvim.


      the problem with this is if I use "gui_running"

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