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120614Re: Determining if Vim is running in text-console mode or X Windows

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Feb 1, 2011
      >>> So you basically distinguish it by inspecting your $TERM variable. First
      >>> determine in both situations what your $TERM is set to, then put something
      >>> like this in your .vimrc
      >> Ah, I mis-read the post. Clearer now :)
      > Thanks for your help. unfortunately, none of these suggestions work.
      > If I had some way of changing $TERM from cons25 to xterm-256color when Xorg starts
      > up, that would work.
      > I tried putting export TERM="xterm-256color" in my .xinitrc file but it doesn't
      > change.
      > I also tried exporting it from Window Maker's
      > ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/autostart file but that didn't work either.
      > I can't get it to change from cons25

      This seems very strange. $TERM is usually set appropriately by your
      terminal program in X.

      Are you sure something else isn't changing it, e.g. ~/.profile,
      ~/.bashrc, /etc/profile (or other rc files for your shell)? Or is there
      an option in the GUI for your X terminal that has been incorrectly set
      to make $TERM something it shouldn't be?

      You are using Vim in a terminal, either in the console or in an X
      terminal, right? Not Gvim.


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