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120592Determining if Vim is running in text-console mode or X Windows

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  • Steve Laurie
    Feb 1, 2011

      I've searched Vim help and Google as well as done lots of
      experimentation with no luck.

      Basically, what I'm trying to do is put something in my .vimrc file that
      can determine if I'm starting Vim in text-console mode or in gnome-terminal.

      The reason I need to do this is because I log into FreeBSD in
      text-console. If I go into Xorg, I use startx and I use gnome-terminal
      in Window Maker.

      I need to determine if I'm in text-console mode so I can set the term
      setting in my .vimrc file to cons25 and if I startx, I need to set
      t_Co=256, term to xterm-256color and set the theme to a nice 256 color
      If I try to use the color settings in console mode, the screen turns red
      and the text flashes.

      I've tried the following:

      if has("x11")
      set term=xterm-256color
      set t_Co=256
      colorscheme calmar256-dark
      set term=cons25
      colorscheme myvim

      This didn't work. I've also tried:
      if has("gui_running")
      if has("gui_gtk2")

      nothing works. I've even tried the reverse ways like "if !has", but
      still, no luck.

      Can someone help me out on this?

      Steve Laurie

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