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120506Re: Substitute within a highlight group.

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  • David Fishburn
    Jan 28, 2011
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      On 1/18/2011 2:40 AM, sergio wrote:
      On 01/18/2011 05:55 AM, David Fishburn wrote:

      <GOTO zone serial>

      You simply run those commands from within your script.
      Have you tried it?
      No. Because I don't know how to select zoneSerial group from script. The first
      action that I need to do it is put my cursor to serial group. I do this with my
      ←↓→↑ keys. And than I say SRChooseHiGrp to select it. I can do SRChooseHiGrp
      from script, but I can't do the first action from script.

      SRSearch optionally takes parameters.

      So you can do something like this:
      SRSearch vimFuncName

      SRSearch vimF<Tab> to complete the names.

      Obviously, the list of names varies based on what type of file you are editing and what syntax objects are already available.

      So, if you cursor keyed to zoneSerial Group, and ran:

      The output displayed is:
      SRHIGrp - Group ID: 270 Name: vimFuncName

      This means in your script, you can do:
      SRSearch VimFuncName

      For a new feature, I think making that function publicly available like this:

      if( SRSearch('vimFuncName') > 0 then ...

      Might be useful so that the script has some feedback that something was found. 
      What you have to do right now is save the current line and column position:
              let curcol    = col(".")
              let curline   = line(".")

      Call SRSearch, then check to see if the current column position has changed.  If so, assume the find was successful.


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