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119335Re: How to find start/end of char-wise visual selection?

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Nov 30, 2010
      On Wed, December 1, 2010 4:26 am, AK wrote:
      > Hi, this is for Vim7.3.. Looking up docs for line(), it says that
      > arg='.' will give you cursor position, and 'v' will give you beginning
      > of visual selection when in visual mode, and '.' will give you the end
      > of it. For column, col() should be used, but there's no 'v' arg for it.

      Yeah, I remember, I wondered about it too. I even thought about creating
      a patch, but didn't so far, because you can easily get the column using
      the getpos() function together with the marks '< for start and '> for end
      of visual selection. For my plugin NrrwRgn, I use getpos("'>") for the line
      and virtcol("'>") for the virtual column of the end of the visual selection
      (and the same for the start of the visual selection).

      > So, how can I do this? Let's say I have a char-wise selection from
      > column 10 to 20, how can I get numbers 10 and 20? -ak

      echo "start at line " getpos("'<")[1] " column: " virtcol("'<")
      echo "end at line " getpos("'>")[1] " column: " virtcol("'>")


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