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  • lingkun
    Nov 2 9:39 PM
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      2010/11/3 Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechelynck@...>
      On 02/11/10 18:39, itx wrote:
      thanks for help.

          What does Vim answer to

                 :verbose set list? listchars? lazyredraw?
                 :if !has('gui_running') | verbose set t_kb? t_kD? | endif

          and what appears if (in Insert or Command-line mode) you hit Ctrl-
      V (or Ctrl-Q if you use Ctrl-V to paste into Vim) followed by

      :verbose set list? listchars? lazyredraw?
      set list listchars=eol:$ nolazyredraw

      if !has('gui_running') | verbose set t_kb? t_kD? |endif
      t_kb?<BS>     t_kD?<DEL>

      Ctrl-Q followed by Backspace<BS>

      :set backspace? backspace=indent,start,eol
      this seems that all these options were default ?

      but it seems that the backspace didn't  work properly  when i  ": set

      list"  (i didn't change "listchars")

      for instance
      i type FOUR hardtabs in a new line
      it appears as "^I^I^I^I"  and  then i just type ONE<BS>, these four
      tabs were deleted....

      but when i :set listchars=tab:\ \ or someothers or ":set nolist"  it
      works properly just as i wanted,i.e. these tabs were deleted after i
      type FOUR<BS>

      o, i think that maybe<BS>  just delete the display "tabstop"
      characters a time.
      thus it will delete 8 chars and "^I^I^I^I" is 8 chars,so it was
      or other reasons?

      Best regards

      I don't know: I couldn't reproduce your symptoms (in gvim with GTK2 GUI on Linux).
      - What platform are you using? Windows? Mac? Linux? Other(which)?
      - You seem to be using Console Vim: in which terminal? Windows console? Mac Terminal.app? Linux(text)? xterm? konsole? mlterm? gnome-terminal? other(which)?

      Best regards,
      If you explain so clearly that nobody can misunderstand, somebody
      sorry for that i forgot to list the settings when i do the test.
         :set ts=8
         :set sts=8
         :set noet
      er, I was using gvim 7.2( offical version ) on windowsXP . To get the settings of "t_kb" and "t_kD", i run vim in the windows console, and they all have the same symptoms.

      Best regards,

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