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118688Re: Using Bash in Vi mode. How to map keys?

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  • Benjamin R. Haskell
    Nov 2, 2010
      On Tue, 2 Nov 2010, aleCodd wrote:

      > Reply to message «Re: Using Bash in Vi mode. How to map keys?»,
      > sent 19:57:06 02 November 2010, Tuesday
      > by aleCodd:
      >> just for curiosity, why do you have in the last 5 or so commands the
      >> <c-/>, why is not the <c-o> enough to enter a normal mode command
      >> before returning to insert mode..
      > Because it moves one character left at the end of line and does not
      > move anything in the middle.
      > <unquote>
      > what do you mean by that? <c-o> waits for a command and reenters
      > insert mode, but where does it MOVE?

      From :help i_CTRL-\_CTRL-O

      The CTRL-O command sometimes has a side effect: If the cursor was beyond
      the end of the line, it will be put on the last character in the line.
      In mappings it's often better to use <Esc> (first put an "x" in the
      text, <Esc> will then always put the cursor on it). Or use CTRL-\
      CTRL-O, but then beware of the cursor possibly being beyond the end of
      the line.


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