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118676Re: vim moving code block problem

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  • Ben Fritz
    Nov 2, 2010
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      On Nov 1, 4:51 am, "John Beckett" <johnb.beck...@...> wrote:
      > Zhanglistar wrote:
      > > Vim manual says that to move to the start of the outer block
      > > use the "[[" command. But when I use "[[", it jumps to the
      > > head of file, which is a C program. And I when I use "]]", it
      > > jumps to the end of the C file.
      > Vim is not a compiler and it has no idea where functions start
      > and stop. Your code probably differs from the style expected by
      > Vim, my guess being that your '{' is not in the left margin (see
      > ':help 29.3').

      Vim does, however, have a decent idea where {..} pairs start and end.
      So as a workaround you could probably use [] or ][ (which you say are
      working} followed by %.

      Or, you could use vaB to select the entire {..} block, then aB again
      as needed until you have the entire function. Then switch back and
      forth from end to end using o.

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