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118663RE: line number non copyable

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  • John Beckett
    Nov 1, 2010
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      statquant2 wrote:
      > silly question, is it possible to set the line numbers such
      > that you cannot copy them ?
      > I like to have the line number but I am fed up with having to
      > set nonu each time I want to copy with the mouse.
      > In most editors I know, line numbers are visible but you
      > cannot copy them ...

      Presumably you are using console/terminal Vim, and the mouse
      copying that you refer to is NOT done by Vim, but is done by the

      One solution would be to use gvim (GUI Vim), and use its ability
      to copy with the mouse. Another approach for any Vim compiled
      with clipboard support would be to copy using Vim's commands:

      copy inner paragraph to clipboard

      :12,345y +
      copy lines 12..345 inclusive to the clipboard


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