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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    Oct 6, 2010
      ppp wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I just started using TCL on a Windows platform. Currently, I use VIM
      > to
      > modify tcl files, then I have to go inside a tcl console (ActiveState)
      > to source the file and then execute a function.
      > Is there a way to launch TCL script within VIM? Ideally, I want to
      > split
      > VIM into two planes, so that I can modify code on the left side and
      > make
      > the output show up on the right side.

      Perhaps RunView will help with this:

      You'll need to have the following line in your .vimrc:

      let g:runview_filtcmd="tcl"

      although it'd be better to have

      au FileType tcl let g:runview_filtcmd="tcl"

      I admit that I'm guessing that, while in the shell,
      tcl somefile
      will launch tcl script.


      vim somefile (assuming its a tcl/tk file)

      will run the file with tcl and put the output in a separate window.

      Chip Campbell

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