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118037Re: Pain at Vim Tips wiki

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 6, 2010
      On 06/10/10 02:21, John Beckett wrote:
      > Ben Fritz wrote:
      >> I personally like the fact that we don't need to worry about
      >> the heavy spam filtering, server security, server
      >> maintenance, version upgrades, etc. I like having a team of
      >> (presumably paid?) support people that can come to our aid
      >> when needed. The changes that are coming are, in my opinion,
      >> mildly annoying but not a big deal. I was far more upset by
      >> the ads that popped up and floated across my screen a few
      >> times, and those were gone within a week. I'm willing to put
      >> up with a few minor annoyances for the stability,
      >> availability, speed, and relative ease of working with the wiki.
      >> I'm not picky, and I have no deep-rooted loyalty to Wikia,
      >> but in my opinion they are still doing a pretty good job and
      >> provide us a valuable resource.
      > Yes, these are important points. I have mentioned them in the
      > past but my irritation may have caused me to overlook them now.
      > Another issue is liability: It is extremely unlikely that
      > anything bad would ever happen, and I wouldn't worry about it,
      > but it is nice that Wikia would be the first stop for anyone
      > with a legal complaint.
      > It looks like the bottom line of the new Wikia skin is that the
      > font will be considerably smaller to fit text into the fixed
      > 660 pixel width, and there will be more fluff.
      > John

      We-e-ell, if I get bothered enough by it I may try adding some CSS rules
      more to my taste within a section of my SeaMonkey userContent.css wrapped in

      @-moz-document domain(wikia.com) {

      which is the (Mozilla proprietary) way of specifying style rules for use
      only on a specific domain (and I'd add !important on all of them of course).

      Best regards,

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