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118019Re: VIM and TCL

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  • Marc Weber
    Oct 6, 2010
      Hi ppp

      Your options:
      - implement windows version of this patch
      http://github.com/bartman/vim.git (which still can be improved a lot)
      and make it it poll file handlers when not typing. Implement a shell
      like interface.

      - There is a patch which let's you start a shell in Vim. I don't think
      it got updated (which is linux only)
      (Maybe cygwin or such ?) - I never tried it.

      - vimshell (www.vim.org). You have to get a dell or such. I think this
      could satisfy you.
      (vcs: http://github.com/Shougo/vimshell)

      - screen (see other mail)
      c-a S splits the window
      c-a tab switches focus

      if you run interpreter this way: tcl | tee log

      you may have a chance getting errors into quickfix or such

      (requires cygwin or such - I never tried it on Windows ?)

      use Emacs and vimpulse (I hate to say it)

      Or switch your mind:
      Don't try to run the interpreter. Run small scripts instead and bind
      running it to a key.

      That's all I know about.

      I'd start with vimshell - Good luck

      Marc Weber

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