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117983Re: Pain at Vim Tips wiki

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  • Ben Fritz
    Oct 5, 2010
      On Oct 4, 4:33 am, "John Beckett" <johnb.beck...@...> wrote:
      > Oivvio Polite wrote:
      > > Just out of curiosity, how was the decision made that the vim
      > > wiki should be hosted at wikia? Wouldn't be natural for a
      > > project of this size to have a wiki completely under its own
      > > control?
      > Some history of the wiki is available here:http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Vim_Tips_Wiki:About
      > While the Vim Tips wiki should be hosted on a system completely
      > under our control, it was decided at the time (early 2007) that
      > relying on a private system operated by a Vim enthusiast may
      > lead to long term problems if that enthusiast were hit by the
      > proverbial bus. Indeed, the whole Vim mailing list ground to a
      > halt for several weeks in 2007 when the hosting server suddenly
      > became unavailable (that's why we are now on Google Groups).
      > I have recently received a good offer of free hosting, but now
      > we have the additional problem that forking would cause, in
      > addition to any concerns regarding buses.

      I personally like the fact that we don't need to worry about the heavy
      spam filtering, server security, server maintenance, version upgrades,
      etc. I like having a team of (presumably paid?) support people that
      can come to our aid when needed. The changes that are coming are, in
      my opinion, mildly annoying but not a big deal. I was far more upset
      by the ads that popped up and floated across my screen a few times,
      and those were gone within a week. I'm willing to put up with a few
      minor annoyances for the stability, availability, speed, and relative
      ease of working with the wiki.

      I'm not picky, and I have no deep-rooted loyalty to Wikia, but in my
      opinion they are still doing a pretty good job and provide us a
      valuable resource.

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