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117957Re: How to execute commands at vim exiting?

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  • Joan Miquel Torres Rigo
    Oct 5 1:27 AM
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      2010/10/2 ZyX <zyx.vim@...>:
      > Ответ на сообщение <<How to execute commands at vim exiting?>>,
      > присланное в 17:09:18 02 октября 2010, Суббота.
      > Отправитель: Joan Miquel Torres Rigo:
      > To execute something just before vim exists, you can use `VimLeave` autocommand,
      > like that:
      > autocmd VimLeave * KillAllScreens
      > (you must define KillAllScreens autocommand by yourself). About capturing vim's
      > pid: use ``let g:vimpid=system('echo -n $PPID')+0''

      Thank you a lot.

      I'm still a newbie in vim scripting and I must to end up reading
      autocommands documentation but seems it will do just that I need.

      Note: If I understood well, the command you given will run
      KillAllScreens once per each buffer but, of course, this is trivial to
      solve by using some flag variable.


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