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117880RE: Pain at Vim Tips wiki

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  • John Beckett
    Oct 1, 2010
      Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      > I notice that the "official" reason for removal of the Monaco
      > skin is that "it is too complex" and that "elements on a wiki
      > page could collide with each other in unexpected ways". That
      > didn't prevent them from removing my beloved CologneBlue
      > skin, already some time ago. OTOH I see a lot of talk about
      > removing the Monaco skin, but the Monobook skin (which is
      > supposedly "simpler") is totally left unmentioned. I'm
      > crossing fingers and knocking on wood in the forlorn hope
      > that this skin, at least, will remain as an option for
      > logged-in users, but I won't mention it on that staff blog
      > lest they become conscious of its existence and take it away
      > too. (I already needed to re-opt-in to it twice after my
      > login cookie had expired.)

      No, after November 4 there will be NO chance of Monobook or any
      other skin working, other than the new Wikia skin.

      There is one exception. Monobook will be kept for Uncyclopedia,
      a parody of Wikipedia: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/

      > From what you're saying, I suppose that even if we found
      > some other hosting space, installed Wikimedia software on it
      > (and "our" choice of Wikimedia skins), and then migrated the
      > existing wiki pages while deleting all old pages one by one
      > in the process, some "well-intentioned" wikia meddler admin
      > would quietly restore everything from history...

      Yes, Wikia will simply revert any attempts to significantly
      remove material, so they own us completely.


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