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116376Re: Starting an online VIM vs Other Text Editors battle.. anyone interested?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Aug 6, 2010
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      On 03/08/10 11:40, Marc Weber wrote:
      > Excerpts from tommed's message of Tue Aug 03 11:12:27 +0200 2010:
      >> Great feedback, many thanks!
      >> I have just updated the site, taking your excellent suggestions on
      >> board.
      > quote:
      > 1) You MUST use a default install (iow. no custom scripts or modifications)
      > of the text editor of your choice

      Who uses Vim with not even a vimrc? The vimrc is a custom script of course.

      Well, I suppose that I could use "vim -u
      /usr/local/vim/vim73e/vimrc_example.vim -c 'filetype indent off' "
      (since the example vimrc is distributed with Vim) or would these
      command-line options be cheating already? And what about editing UTF-8
      on Windows? This "no custom scripts" rule would make it impossible,
      since most Windows "country settings" are for non-Unicode locales.

      > 2) You may use any version of the text editor (vi/vim/gvim/gnu
      > emacs/xemacs/nano/ed/pico etc..), we even welcome users of Notepad,
      > Eclipse, and Visual Studio!!
      > Which operating System? Eg Linux has different versions of Vim.
      > huge vim (with X and scripting support for Ruby, Python, ..)
      > or tiny vim without X, without quickfix, without ...
      > You're looking for masters - but they all have custom scripts.
      > If it comes to Eclipse: When does the time tacking start?
      > When you start the Editor, or when it already started.
      > When using Eclipse this may make a difference.
      > 6) Upload your video to YouTube and post the URL as a response on our
      > site
      > How do you catch people speeding up their videos? I mean is there any
      > chance that this competition is fair? Or will the man / woman win who
      > can best postprocess the video before uploading it to YouTube?
      > Also in both: emacs and vim you can easily copy paste a clipboard to get
      > scripts you want.
      > eg :call writefile('my.vim',[lines])| source my.vim
      > Is this allowed?
      > Marc Weber

      Best regards,
      Beer & pretzels can't be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant.
      [real standing law in North Dakota, United States of America]

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