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116375Re: need help with tags - SOLVED (sort of)

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Aug 6, 2010
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      On 02/08/10 17:27, wfdudley wrote:
      > I decided that the problem has to be in the EXINIT string, since that is
      > the only difference in the accounts that don't work, and my account.
      > I find that if I set EXINIT to "ic" EXINIT="set ic", then tags works.
      > I can't explain this. The case of the tags in my tags file is exactly the
      > same case as the symbols referenced in the source code.
      > Bill Dudley

      There is one important effect of 'ignorecase' on Vim's tags subsystem's
      behaviour, and here it is: when using a sorted tags file and binary
      search to make tags finding faster, the tags file must be sorted
      case-folded (b between A and C) if 'ignorecase' is on, it must be sorted
      on ASCII value (a after Z) if 'ignorecase' is off. If the file uses the
      wrong sort order you must tell Vim not to use binary search.

      The tags file can contain a header line indicating whether it is
      unsorted, ASCII-sorted or casefold-sorted. Of course, if you re-sort the
      file, the flag in that line must be changed.

      See :help 'tagbsearch' for details.

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