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116206Re: Starting an online VIM vs Other Text Editors battle.. anyone interested?

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  • Teemu Likonen
    Aug 3 4:07 AM
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      * 2010-08-02 09:17 (-0700), tommed wrote:

      > I am hoping we can get some of our most elite users to participate in
      > an online VIM vs EMACS vs INSERT_TEXT_EDITOR_HERE battle site?
      > I have posted a few details here: http://www.tommed.co.uk/?p=70

      I'm not interested in participating but for this discussion's sake let's
      imagine that I was such an "elite user" and could perform some of your
      text-editing challenge operations in 3.184 seconds. It's quite obvious
      that many other people can do it about equally fast. Some differences in
      milliseconds don't matter in the practice anyway.

      Now, how do you motivate me to do all the hassle of learning to use a
      screen recording software, recording a video, learning to use a video
      editor, editing the video a bit, registering to YouTube, learning to use
      YouTube, uploading the video there and contacting you about this
      unbelievably boring and pointless video? OK, that was a rhetoric
      question. I'm not elite, whatever that means, and you just can't
      motivate me to do all this hassle. :-) But maybe some people will
      participate. Good luck.

      On the other hand, how about approaching editors through your own
      text-editing tasks and problems? Try to improve your own routines and
      possibly discuss about different ways to improve your text editor

      For example, there is a guy who wanted to attach nice location
      information to his time and task organizer program (Emacs + org-mode).
      He implemented support for Google Maps and published his work here:


      Isn't this guy an "elite user" because he could extend his editor and
      make it nicer and more efficient environment to work with? I mean, for
      *his* tasks. Who cares how many milliseconds it would take for that guy
      to perform some of your text-editing challenges?

      This Google Maps extension was just an example - it happened to be my
      latest find. There are also lots of useful Vim scripts in


      and I believe most of them are results of someone scratching their own
      itches. So, learn to scratch yours efficiently. :-)

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