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116205Re: Starting an online VIM vs Other Text Editors battle.. anyone interested?

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  • tommed
    Aug 3 2:55 AM
      Hi Marc,

      With regard to cheating; it doesn't matter what we say (eg. "use a
      camcorder and have a clock in view") there will always be ways to
      cheat at games! Because we don't currently have any prizes; I'm hoping
      that people will realise there isn't really much to be made by

      Also, the transcripts should help us decide whether or not what they
      are doing is possible in the time they are doing it.

      I have been thinking of whether or not we should start the timer from
      opening the file; or from the text editor fully loaded. I realise that
      a lot of the heavy-duty IDEs will have features that are only possible
      due to their massive size... I can see arguments on both sides, so we
      can probably figure this out through trial an error?

      Because the challenges will vary so much; the large IDEs will
      obviously not always be the ideal tool; but I think if we took the
      time to start the IDE into consideration; Eclipse and Visual Studios
      will probably be completely out of the equation... however, may be
      they should be as we have to wait for them to load anyway before we
      use them in real-life situations..? (One of the reasons I switched
      from Visual Studios to VIM at work anyway!)

      I'd say for now, we could probably start with the text file open, but
      then play it by ear?

      On Aug 3, 10:40 am, Marc Weber <marco-owe...@...> wrote:
      > Excerpts from tommed's message of Tue Aug 03 11:12:27 +0200 2010:
      > > Great feedback, many thanks!
      > > I have just updated the site, taking your excellent suggestions on
      > > board.
      > quote:
      > 1) You MUST use a default install (iow. no custom scripts or modifications)
      > of the text editor of your choice
      > 2) You may use any version of the text editor (vi/vim/gvim/gnu
      > emacs/xemacs/nano/ed/pico etc..), we even welcome users of Notepad,
      > Eclipse, and Visual Studio!!
      > Which operating System? Eg Linux has different versions of Vim.
      > huge vim (with X and scripting support for Ruby, Python, ..)
      > or tiny vim without X, without quickfix, without ...
      > You're looking for masters - but they all have custom scripts.
      > If it comes to Eclipse: When does the time tacking start?
      > When you start the Editor, or when it already started.
      > When using Eclipse this may make a difference.
      > 6) Upload your video to YouTube and post the URL as a response on our
      > site
      > How do you catch people speeding up their videos? I mean is there any
      > chance that this competition is fair? Or will the man / woman win who
      > can best postprocess the video before uploading it to YouTube?
      > Also in both: emacs and vim you can easily copy paste a clipboard to get
      > scripts you want.
      > eg :call writefile('my.vim',[lines])| source my.vim
      > Is this allowed?
      > Marc Weber

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