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116192Re: Starting an online VIM vs Other Text Editors battle.. anyone interested?

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  • tommed
    Aug 2, 2010
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      Hey Nat,

      I guess the undertones of the site is that "everyone is a winner" and
      is a great showcase of showing what these awesome text editors are
      capable of!

      When I started showing interest in using a "proper" text editor, there
      was a myriad of flame wars of non-sensical, non-logical arguments
      which plagued the forums. I understood that using one of these *could*
      save me time, but there were no videos of amazingly talented people
      using these editors. I *needed* something to inspire me to spend my
      time learning it, but I never got it. I just had to take the risk, and
      now I'm glad I did!

      I wanted to mask the sentiments under a pseudo-competitive guise as
      people naturally respond better to competition then the "everyone is a
      winner" philosophy. It obviously didn't wash with you or
      @CharlesCampbell as you have probably been witnesses to many idle
      rantings of the "fan boys".

      Hopefully now you can see my proposal is for the right reasons, and
      will be a part of the spirit of competition for the right reasons?
      Do I have two interests? :)

      Best Wishes,

      On Aug 2, 7:22 pm, Nat Williams <nat.willi...@...> wrote:
      > On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 11:17 AM, tommed <tom.medhu...@...> wrote:
      > > Hi Guys!
      > > As a VIM user myself, I am hoping we can get some of our most elite
      > > users to participate in an online VIM vs EMACS vs
      > > INSERT_TEXT_EDITOR_HERE battle site?
      > > I have posted a few details here:http://www.tommed.co.uk/?p=70
      > > Please let me know if you are mildly interested
      > > tommed
      > When has the "which editor is best" debate ever actually worked out well?
      >  This sounds like just another way to rehash the same tired arguments that
      > have been going on for decades.
      > That said, I think there's actually something here.  Instead of trying to
      > determine which is "best", why not showcase alternate editors' methods as a
      > way of helping those looking to switch (or even just looking to become more
      > agnostic)?  Make a resource, not a battleground.  Seeing an emacs video
      > that's a few seconds shorter isn't going to change my mind, but it might
      > help me understand what it's all about.
      > Nat

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