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116190Re: need help with tags - SOLVED (sort of)

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  • Charles Campbell
    Aug 2 12:10 PM
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      wfdudley wrote:
      > I didn't even know emacs HAD tags support.
      > I just copied the format of a file output by ctags for my ptags output.
      > What's the difference in formats?

      I admit that I haven't bothered to determine what emac's TAGS format is;
      I note that it has some control characters in it (see man etags). One
      obvious difference is that ctags produces <tags> files and etags
      produces <TAGS> files. You can determine if your vim has emacs-tags
      support by:

      :version (and looking for +emacs_tags in the output)

      or by typing

      :echo has("emacs_tags")

      So, are your tags files <tags> or <TAGS>? Still, I have +emacs_tags
      support with the vim I've compiled, but regular tags work for both
      <tags> and <TAGS>, so I'm not sure that this is the kernel of your problem.

      Chip Campbell

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