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116189Re: Starting an online VIM vs Other Text Editors battle.. anyone interested?

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  • Nat Williams
    Aug 2 11:22 AM
      On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 11:17 AM, tommed <tom.medhurst@...> wrote:
      Hi Guys!

      As a VIM user myself, I am hoping we can get some of our most elite
      users to participate in an online VIM vs EMACS vs
      INSERT_TEXT_EDITOR_HERE battle site?

      I have posted a few details here: http://www.tommed.co.uk/?p=70

      Please let me know if you are mildly interested

      When has the "which editor is best" debate ever actually worked out well?  This sounds like just another way to rehash the same tired arguments that have been going on for decades.

      That said, I think there's actually something here.  Instead of trying to determine which is "best", why not showcase alternate editors' methods as a way of helping those looking to switch (or even just looking to become more agnostic)?  Make a resource, not a battleground.  Seeing an emacs video that's a few seconds shorter isn't going to change my mind, but it might help me understand what it's all about.


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