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  • Ciss
    Jun 23, 2010
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      Hello everyone.

      Does anybody need a more lovely api to write vim extensions via ruby
      Or this is bad idea to improve vimscript-ruby api?

      I start to write this staff, and it seems what i will make much like
      getting args and eval this via VIM::command;


      def bind_function(key,function)
      VIM::command("map <expr> #{key} RubyMethod(\"#{function.to_s}\")")

      def fu_test()
      vim_print("Hello from ruby api!")

      bind "mm", :fu_test

      So, when i start to write this api i think this will be more funny but
      now i understand... :)

      Anybody interesting in this Ruby-Vim-Improve-Api? Or this is unusefull

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