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115007Re: Formatting help files

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  • Brett Stahlman
    Jun 9, 2010
      On Jun 8, 9:33 am, Pablo Giménez <pablog...@...> wrote:
      > Perfecto working liek a  charm.
      > Thanks
      > I have put this in my after/ftplugin/txtfmt.vim
      > " Disable txtfmt formating if we aren't in gui mode
      > if !has("gui_running")
      >     call tdvim#StripTxtfmtTokens("help")
      > endif
      > " Enable refresh if coor scheme changes:
      > autocmd ColorScheme <buffer> :Refresh
      > Which seems to work nice.
      > Thansk for your help!

      No problem. Glad to hear it works for you. Looks like you've come up
      with a good approach. Let me know if you have any other issues...

      Brett Stahlman


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