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114868Unable to catch specific error [was: Re: delete lines from while loop]

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  • Andrei Popescu
    Jun 2, 2010
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      On Ma, 01 iun 10, 21:32:01, Tom Link wrote:
      > >    for linenum in range(a:firstline, a:lastline)
      > You might want to delete the lines in reverse order, i.e. from the
      > bottom to the top.

      Tried that, but couldn't find the right incantation, this is my first
      try at vimscript ;)

      > I also wonder if you could make use of the :g
      > command.

      Thanks a lot, :global is perfect! I'm hitting another issue now, with a
      part of code not included so far (hence the subject change). Now I have:

      fu! <SID>RemoveFuzzy() range
      execute ':''<,''>global/^#,\sfuzzy$\|^#|\s.*".*"$/d'
      for linenum in range(a:firstline, a:lastline)
      let line = getline(linenum)
      if line =~ '^#,\(.*,\)\=\s*fuzzy'
      call setline(linenum, substitute(line, ',\s*fuzzy', '', ""))

      I tried (no pun intended) to replace the 'for' loop with:

      execute ':''<,''>global/^#,\(.*,\)\=\s*fuzzy/s/,\s*fuzzy//'
      catch /^Vim\%((\a\+)\)\=:E486/ " based on example from :help catch

      but I still get:

      E486: Pattern not found: ^#,\(.*,\)\=\s*fuzzy

      I can work around it by reversing the order, let the substitute global
      do its work and then remove any '^#$' lines left behind in the deleting
      global, but according to :help it should work.

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