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114857Re: Progress indicator for :TOhtml command

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  • Benjamin Fritz
    Jun 1, 2010
      > Here is an experimental version, in which I included the essential part
      > from the mentioned vim.org/script into the script from Ben.
      > Bugs: - currently only works well with a big enough window.
      > - progressbar requires redrawing the window, while processing
      > the 2html.vim script. This means, it slows it down.
      > - requires a +float (no check yet)

      I like this look a lot better! I made a few improvements:

      - Change the color of StatusLineNC to match StatusLine (and restore it at the
      end) to reduce flashing of the statusline.
      - Draw the progress bar in the new window instead of the original window, to
      reduce the amout of time from the screen clear to the redraw when redrawing
      the windows, reducing the flashing effect.
      - Set the size of the new window to only 2 lines, so that only 1 line of the
      buffer actually appears. The intent of this was to further reduce the flashing
      effect, but it also has the nice side affect of making the conversion MUCH
      faster, since less of the expensive html syntax highlighting needs to be
      completed every redraw.
      - Added a second progress bar for the attributes processing (previously I was
      doing this with a %d/%d printf).
      - Fixed bug in progress bar incr function that prevented incrementing by large
      amounts, that are still less than the maximum value.
      - Fixed bug where progress bar would not fill all the way when doing non-dynamic
      - Fixed off-by-one error in progress bar initialization.

      I also removed the "redrawstatus" commands. They did not seem to be necessary,
      and only served to increase the processing time. Did you have a particular
      reason to include them?

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