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114847Re: Progress indicator for :TOhtml command

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  • Ben Fritz
    Jun 1, 2010
      On Jun 1, 7:21 am, Andy Wokula <anw...@...> wrote:
      > I'd suggest to try one of the existing progress bars (sorry,  didn't try
      > them myself yet):
      > http://github.com/tomtom/vimtlib/blob/master/autoload/tlib/progressba...http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2006

      Hmm, interesting...and thanks! These two plugins seem to use the
      statusline for the progress indicator. I thought of that, and
      abandoned the idea when I noticed that the status lines weren't being
      populated all the way during processing...but later investigation
      showed me that's because 'ruler' gets reset from one of the speed-up
      options set by the plugin (I don't remember which). At the time, I was
      still hoping to use :echon to output the progress indicator, which I
      also had to abandon. My eventual goal is to use the full screen width
      (or pretty close to it) for the progress bar. Is there a good way to
      get this for an individual status line? I didn't think so, whereas
      using an ":echo" type command, &columns basically does the trick.

      I'll give it a shot using the status line (maybe making use of a
      plugin, but I'm hoping for eventual inclusion into the upstream, so
      maybe just pulling code from them). Hopefully it will be more usable.
      For me, the screen flashes quite a bit *without* the progress
      indicator, so I'm not certain it will be, but perhaps the somewhat
      static status line will be more readable than a quickly flashing
      message at the bottom of the window.

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