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114846Re: Progress indicator for :TOhtml command

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  • Ben Fritz
    Jun 1, 2010
      On May 31, 11:11 pm, "Christian J. Robinson" <hept...@...>
      > On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, Yongwei Wu wrote:
      > > I tried it on Windows, and the display was too flashy and intrusive.
      > > I can't say I like it.

      On May 31, 11:11 pm, "Christian J. Robinson" <hept...@...>
      > I would be for having a progress meter, if it could be implemented in
      > a better way without slowing the script down.
      > My best suggestion is just to output one line every 5 to 10 percent
      > through processing with the current progress, e.g.:
      >   0%
      >   5%
      >   10%
      >   15%
      >   [...]
      >   95%
      >   Done

      Hmm, strange. I did not notice a slow-down from the original script,
      but then I also set 'nomore' and fdm=manual as a way to speed things
      up a little in addition to the progress bar changes. On my dinosaur of
      a computer, processing 2html.vim took about 40 seconds LESS with the
      patched version that with the unpatched version, according to the
      before/after times returned by localtime(). What did you do to see the

      I also dislike the flashiness, but couldn't find a way around it. The
      echo'd text gets cleared every pass through the main processing loop.
      For this reason, a periodic (5, 10, 20%, etc.) message wasn't going to
      work. I would certainly prefer this method...my first attempt used
      echon to display one "tick" every few lines processed (a tick being
      calculated to almost fill the current &columns setting). Does someone
      have an idea of how I might accomplish this?

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