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114443Broken undo?

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  • Israel Chauca F.
    May 13, 2010
      Hi there,

      I found the following, open vim and do the following:

      - Insert 1 and exit insert mode.
      - Append 2 and then <C-R>=setline('.', '123')<CR> to add one char to the right of the cursor.
      - Without leaving insert mode, type other <CR> and the number 4, now exit insert mode.
      - Press u.

      I should expect to have just the number 1 in the window, but I'm left with two lines:


      If I undo again, I get the original empty window.

      If I start in the second step, I can't undo to the empty window, I'm left with two lines but I can exit vim as if the buffer was in its original state.

      Is that the expected behaviour or there is something wrong? why does the setline() call + <CR> affects the first edit?


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