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114183Re: Which is the best way of doing some mapping reuse?

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  • John Little
    May 2 5:16 AM
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      On May 2, 10:45 pm, Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado <raul...@...>
      > First one is copying and pasting the map...

      How about a level of indirection using :exe :

      let mapped = "<silent><buffer> <LocalLeader>KEY "
      let mapping = "m'gg\"+yG\""
      exe 'nnoremap ' . mapped . mapping
      exe 'inoremap ' . mapped . '<esc>' . mapping . 'i'

      I don't know how usable this is, I just checked :map output to see
      that the mappings had been made.

      You could extend this to a general function, f. ex.
      call Makemaps(mapped, mapping, modes)

      Regards, John

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