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114181Which is the best way of doing some mapping reuse?

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  • Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado
    May 2 3:45 AM
      Hi all :)

      Usually in my scripts I use constructs like this (just an example):

      nnoremap <silent><buffer> <LocalLeader>KEY m'gg"+yG''
      imap <silent><buffer> <LocalLeader>KEY <C-\><C-O><LocalLeader>KEY
      ...maybe more mappings here for other modes...

      This way I put the logic only in one map (the nnoremap) one, and reuse
      it in the other mappings.

      Of course this doesn't work because after the <C-\><C-O> only the m'
      command is executed, Vim returns to insert mode and gg"+yG'' is inserted
      as typed text.

      There are plenty of solutions to this problem, and I don't know which
      one is better/shorter/more clever.

      First one is copying and pasting the map, but that is not good for
      maintenance, because if you have to modify the mapping later, you have
      to do it in probably many lines:

      nnoremap <silent><buffer> <LocalLeader>KEY m'gg"+yG''
      inoremap <silent><buffer> <LocalLeader>KEY <Esc>m'gg"+yG''i

      I don't like this, really.

      Second solution is using a function:

      function! s:whatever()
      normal! m'gg"+yG''
      nnoremap <buffer><silent> <LocalLeader>KEY :call <SID>whatever()<CR>
      inoremap <buffer><silent> <LocalLeader>KEY <C-R>=<SID>whatever()<CR>

      Far from elegant, I think, but it should work.

      Third solution, probably the best?:

      nnoremap <silent><buffer> <LocalLeader>KEY m'gg"+yG''
      imap <silent><buffer> <LocalLeader>KEY <C-\><C-N><LocalLeader>KEYi

      According to the help, the above insert mode mapping won't work in ex
      mode. Not a big problem, though, for my needs.

      Any better way of achieving the same? Any problem I'm not aware of?

      Thanks in advance!

      Raúl "DervishD" Núñez de Arenas Coronado
      Linux Registered User 88736 | http://www.dervishd.net
      The revolution will not be televised

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