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114172Re: Is there a way to check whether a specific autocmd group is empty?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    May 1, 2010
      On 04/03/10 10:08, winterTTr wrote:
      > I just want to check whether a autocmd group is empty and i want to
      > remove it when it is empty.
      > But I don't find the method or a way to do this.
      > Is there a way to check whether a specific autocmd group is empty?
      > Any suggestion is OK. Thanks.

      I'm surprised that there has been no reply yet to this post.

      To check if auto commands exist for a given group, I can imagine two
      possibilities; you will have to experiment to see what works:

      a) see ":help exists()" [near the end of the list]. I'm not sure this
      allows you to test if autocommands are defined for a given group if you
      don't know which patterns or events are possible in that group.

      b) see ":help autocmd-list" and ":help :redir". Finding out that you got
      an empty list may be tedious. Also the title may depend on your messages
      language (see :help v:lang and what it resends to).

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