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113527Re: What plugin would do this?

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  • Marc Weber
    Apr 2, 2010
      Excerpts from vfantasie's message of Fri Apr 02 10:41:02 +0200 2010:
      > I think what you need is a code snippets plugin.

      If you go the snipmate way try installing snipmate using
      vim-addon-manager because you'll get my patched version then.

      You can prevent tlib plugins from loading this way:
      let loaded_cmdlinehelp=1
      But most tlib plugins are very nice. If you don't know them yet you
      should have a look at them.

      May patched version of snipmate provides a new command:
      SnipMateOpenSnippetFiles which will help you open your snippets files
      faster and add well indented snippets easier. Eg you don't care about
      inedntation. You just select your code in a snippets file visually and
      press <cr> to replace spaces by tabs.

      Also when adding a new snippets you don't have to reload snippets.
      Snippets are loaded lazily. So snippets are updated whenever you
      write the snippets file. Those features provide much value to me.

      Marc Weber

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