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  • Ben Fritz
    Apr 2, 2010
      On Apr 1, 11:40 pm, Kunal Bajpai <kunal.baj...@...> wrote:
      > To this html code I wanted to select the text between the tags and replace
      > the original text with \n character removed. There is a more complex example
      > that I wanted to ask, here is the problem:
      > Original
      > ______________________________
      > <p>Mike
      > <strong>Gilbert </strong>
      >  Senior</p>
      > _____________________________
      > After search & replace:
      > ______________________________
      > <p>Mike <strong>Gilbert</strong> Senior</p>
      > _____________________________
      > I hope you really got what I was asking.

      You can also try gqat from normal mode. Potentially you could repeat
      this using a macro with a count (999999@q) or a recursive macro:


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