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  • Benjamin R. Haskell
    Apr 1, 2010
      On Thu, 1 Apr 2010, Kunal Bajpai wrote:

      > I have been using Vim for about 3-4 months and am a student web
      > developer. I am still learning Vim and need help with a command. I am
      > editing some web pages using web pages many a times I have to edit web
      > pages. Here is what I want:
      > ______________________________
      > <p>Mike
      > Gilbert
      > Senior</p>
      > _____________________________
      > I need a command that selects the whole html code including the
      > newline character.

      Tim gave you one possible answer, with how to match it with a pattern.

      Often more useful are the 'tag block' motions.

      e.g. with the cursor anywhere inside your example HTML, you can type

      'dat' in normal mode to 'd'elete 'a' 't'ag. (includes the <p> and </p>)
      'dit' in normal mode to 'd'elete 'i'nner 't'ag. (just inside the tags)

      the 'at' and 'it' are the motions. 'd' is just one example command that
      takes a motion. Other particularly useful ones, 'y'ank, 'v'isually-select.

      :help tag-blocks
      :help {motion}


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