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112374Re: mass delete words based on spell

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  • Bee
    Mar 1, 2010
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      On Mar 1, 12:47 pm, Tim Chase <v...@...> wrote:
      > Christian Brabandt wrote:
      > > this should have been
      > > :%s/\w\+/\=printf("%s", !empty(spellbadword(submatch(0))[0])?submatch(0):'')/
      > Lovely solution and introduction to spellbadword() (which I've
      > not seen/used before).  However, I'm curious why you chose to use
      > printf("%s", ...) instead of just using the contents.
      > So my reworking of Christian's idea:
      > :%s/\w\+/\=empty(spellbadword(submatch(0))[0]))?'':submatch(0)/g
      > The other catch (at least in English) is that words like "can't"
      > aren't found whole by "\w\+", so you might have to tweak the
      > regexp or 'iskeyword' to include apostrophes.

      Yes wonderful introduction to spellbadword()

      I tried your solution and got errors, counted parens and found one too
      many closing, and this works.



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