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111973Re: Top/End of file not active with Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End with vim on a gnome terminal

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  • John Little
    Feb 17, 2010
      On Feb 17, 12:18 am, Jean Johner <jean.joh...@...> wrote:

      > ... Home and Ctrl-Home are
      > synonymous with gnome terminal. Is it a choice or a bug?

      Yup, it's been logged as a bug in vte, the terminal widget that gnome
      terminal uses (so says the bug logged for gnome-terminal).

      >... the gnome machine on which I work has no gvim ...

      If your work machine can access the internet, but you can't install
      stuff, you can still download the vim source, compile, and install it
      in your home directory. (I did this once to get a non-ancient
      version). Really easy for vim (and gvim), but gets messy if the
      system is missing development libraries that a vim compile wants,
      though I expect it can be done.

      > ... the xterm fonts are not nice...

      I've been told xterm can do anything, and by implication can be
      tweaked so you'll like it.

      You could map ctrl-PageUp and ctrl-PageDown in vim; my gnome-terminal
      does those fine, and they're not presently used.

      Regards, John

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