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111941Re: Top/End of file not active with Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End with vim on a gnome terminal

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Feb 16, 2010
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      On 16/02/10 09:21, Jean Johner wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Launch Vim (not gvim) from a gnome terminal.
      > Turn some pages and press Ctrl-Home to go to top of file. The result
      > is the same as typing Home alone (start of line).
      > Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End works correctly with vim launched from a KDE
      > Konsole terminal or from an xterm terminal.
      > It seems not to be a vim problem but rather gnome-terminal environment
      > generating the same esc sequence with Ctrl-Home as with Home.
      > Has anybody had this problem? Do you know a work-around?
      > Thanks,
      > Jean Johner

      I guess the workaround, in this case, is to use either a different
      terminal (such as xterm, or maybe konsole) or gvim itself (which gets
      keyboard events directly from X11 without them being interpreted by a

      Or else, go to top of file with gg or to end of file with G (or with G$
      or G<End> if you want to go to the end, not the start, of the last
      line). (That's in Normal mode; in Insert mode, prefix gg or G or G<End>
      with a Ctrl-O). IIUC, these Normal-mode commands were inherited from an
      editor which could run even on keyboards marketed before those fancy
      cursor movement keys were invented ;-).

      On my system, gnome-terminal and mlterm have Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End
      synonymous with Home and End respectively; xterm, konsole and gvim (the
      latter, with GTK2/Gnome2 GUI) don't.

      Best regards,
      "The Computer made me do it."

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