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111572Re: backspace not working

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Feb 1, 2010
      On Tue, February 2, 2010 8:00 am, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:
      > I just ran into the same problem on a virtual host. The following
      > worked for me inside my .vimrc:
      > set t_kb=^?
      > (where the '^?' was entered by typing Ctrl+V Backspace in insert mode.
      > NOT circumflex + question mark -- see :help i_CTRL-V )
      > In your .vimrc that you included in your earlier message, you appeared
      > to not type (in insert mode) Ctrl+V Backspace, but rather had the
      > literal text (^) followed by (h), which seems backwards from what you
      > want anyway. (If you're getting ^? when you type 'Backspace', you
      > should set t_kb to that value... but using the literal terminal
      > characters.)

      When I had problems like that (which occured usually also in the
      terminal, I fixed that using stty:
      stty erase ^?
      where the last part is typed literally (e.g. by pressing
      <Ctrl-V><BS> so ^? is only one character).

      Afterwards, vi/vim was working as I expected it.


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